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Sunbathing and Unihibited Nightlife in Mexico
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Imagine sand so white that the starfish clinging to it pale in comparison. In 2005, hurricane Wilma doubled the size of the powdery beach in Cancun. After complete restoration, Cancun’s beaches are bigger and better. Although the beaches are considered public property, some access has to be maneuvered through the hotels. In the hotel zone, you will discover 14 miles of coastline curving around an inland lagoon known as Laguna Nichupte. Topless sun bathing is typical on some of the beaches in Cancun. While in Cancun, check out one of these great beaches:

Playa Langostos: This beach rises to the top as one of the most loved beaches in Cancun. This beach is lined with tropical trees and latched roof cabañas.

Ilsa Mujeres hosts snorkeling and diving tours. This beach is the favorite spring break destination; it sits next to Fat Tuesday nightclub.

Playa Caracol: If you are entertaining children, this beach is a shallow flat sandy seabed.

Playa Delfines: Located down from The Caesar hotel, it offers a large lookout over the sandy shores. An absolutely stunning beach.

Playas Las Palmas: A beautiful wide beach. Playa Bellenas: This beach can get crowded due to mass popularity. It has sweeping views which are picture perfect.

San Miguelto: While basking in the sun, you share the beach with the mayan ruins, waiting for your exploration.

Just outside Cancun there are still many beaches kissing the ocean. Some are more people places such as CoCo beach or Shangri La, where as Tulum beach is a backpacking adventure into more untouched territory. While in this area, venture to Portal Real beach. A sand bottom sea front sporting the Cozumel ferry dock.

If you’re looking for a wild night out in Cancun, then the infamous ‘Carlos and Charlie’s’ should be your spot for the night. It is a restaurant, a bar and a place to meet people. Settle in and watch as the flying trapeze swings over your head. This bar has a long tube which whisks enthusiastic party goer’s into the lagoons.

The ‘Bulldog Café is a funky kind of party place. This dance club has infused oxygen, laser shows and even VIP Jacuzzi’s for all night fun. The music ranges from disco to hip hop. Large video screens hover over dancers. Currently Cancun’s hottest club is a place called ‘The City’. It includes nine bars. The music is delivered by guest D.J.’s, with some of the world’s most famous hosting music throughout the night. Beach cabanas surround the pool. Many hotels host what is called ‘Mexican Fiesta Nights’. It includes dinner and a colorful dance show. If you’re skeptical about venturing out to Cancun’s bars, there is are bar leaping tours available. These tours include two hour stops at all the most popular bars in Cancun. Many travelers choose lobby bar hopping as a way to introduce them into Cancun’s wild nightlife. What happens at night in Cancun is part of the main draw to this tropical nirvana.

Remember – what happens in Cancun – stays in Cancun!

James Tutten is a professional photographer and graphic artist. He and his wife Terri are passionate about travel, and share their adventures at Traveling Tuttens.